To initiate a process of parallel study within the society to create an awareness about the variations and differences within the human society and international vicinity. Because due to continuous evolvement of the human society from dark ages there is an evolution of numerous differences in the ideologies along with numerous variations in cultures too. In this strange world there exists lot of influencing factors like religion, creed, race, caste, clan, region as well as schools of thought. And also there’s a greatest invincible factor known as survival or struggle for existence that human society, flora and fauna consistently sustained by the token of time through the realm of ages. Along with the survival and struggle for existence there comes a duo namely competition and cooperation that shaped the past, present and future of the world by carving out the international boundaries. And the variations & differences that are mentioned and prioritized above are directly proportional to this duo competition and cooperation. To balance this duo today’s world compulsorily requires a parallel study knows as science, philosophy, spirituality and truth.