Philosophy is the sophisticated and improvised enhancement to education. There is ‘n’ number of philosophies in this world. May it be religious, regional, cultural and what not? But the philosophy that which is indigenous and a forcing function to solve the existing problems in the contemporary societies is a worthwhile one. SAVE A SOUL invites everyone from every nuke and corner of the worlds to come forward to participate in reinventing and rediscovering our very existence in this world. We as a community called humanity are distinguished in dealing with particular things in this world. Unlike animals we don’t have to lead a life walking with four legs on this earth. We are free-handed. We walk with two legs. We have two hands to do the things which distinctive and distinguished. We think with our brains which are having distinguished processes to create, innovate, and renovate everything. So, to take a leap in the thought process that is required to promote ourselves from one era to another era with the changing world we need to study philosophy intensely. To make this world a future of human civilization philosophy is the basis and chassis. If you take a large color wheel that is colored with all the colors on it and rotated we see the white color at its high speed. Similarly in this world all the philosophies are journeying towards making this world an abode of peace. SAVE A SOUL welcome the philosophers from every nuke and corner of this world to work towards the world peace and publish, lecture and orate your versions available to this world on our dais.