SAVE A SOUL is society having its basis in India with a proper office in Hyderabad. Focused on Science & Humanities segments and going forward to begin the inception on various service oriented projects in India and abroad, SAVE A SOUL is having very clearer and greater goals in penetrating into society to bring an effective change. By keeping the goals and motives in mind wholeheartedly we’ve modeled a plan to implement the SAVE A SOUL program with its full potential such that the purpose is fulfilled. We are well equipped with the knowledge and information where exactly we are going to concentrate all our workouts. We have a good research and development team who does an extraordinary study in science vertical.Because science covers all the civilized critical aspects of the society from thinking, finding, reading, learning, understanding, experimenting, diagnosing, justifying and implementing and it is considered by everyone as an important subject of life. And when it sounds like science it is the medical science that comes into clear picture.And then follows the other sciences namely Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Organic, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Ayurveda.

Not only science plays a predominant role on behalf of SAVE A SOUL but there’s something intriguing called humanity that plays an equal role along with science in soothing the rapidly evolving human society. All the game changing elements will be covered in the humanities segment in our saga.

And SAVE A SOUL is coming forward to introduce and habituate this parallel study into everyone’s life in the form of science & humanities. We are taking it forward with two verticals namely science and humanities which constitutes the most important aspects that are to be induced into life based on personal choices. We welcome everyone who isinterested to become the trailblazers in these verticals with their valuable contributions and works to inculcate the parallel study as a scope for more refined thinking. Our program is a well-planned, structured and segregated with a focused strategy towards reaching the universal goal. Oneness.